Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why does anyone take these people seriously

When we last left Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and his idiot spokesperson, Brad Dayspring, they were apologizing for sending reporters a profanity-laced video as their response to an ad critical of Cantor's bad faith attempts to stop the stimulus bill (see previous post). Today, our intrepid heroes continue to show their contempt for the news-viewing public by pushing talking points that are not only lies, but are lies that directly contradict Cantor's own words.

Four weeks a go, Cantor was full of praise for Obama's commitment to bipartisanship:
"I have met with Rahm and spoken with him several times and he said, 'Look, you need to understand--working in a bipartisan manner is something the president-elect takes seriously,'" Cantor noted. "It has thus far been a very efficient process."


"[Obama] was very clear: he said bring us your ideas," Cantor recalled. "I take the president-elect at his word that he really does want to change the way Washington works."

Two weeks ago, Cantor told NPR he believed Obama was "open to continuing to work to try and get this stimulus right." Then, having got Obama and the congressional Democrats to dedicate a large portion of the plan to Republican favored tax cuts and and to cut provisions that might have helped women, children, and first responders, Cantor led the House Republicans in unanimously rejecting the bill. After that duplicitous performance, what does Cantor have to say? He's blaming Obama for not being bipartisan.
"Though the administration’s marketing of its bipartisan hard work has been outstanding, the actual work has been almost nonexistent," said Brad Dayspring, spokesman for House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.

The Washington press corps seem to think that Cantor's rank entitles him to unlimited camera time and column inches. But, considering the fact that he's nothing more than a serial liar and hack propaganda minister, shouldn't the press corp be calling him on his behavior or looking for less dishonest Republicans to talk to? Is this the sort of thing they should be encouraging?

(This post was almost entirely stolen from Think Progress.)

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