Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I love it when conservatives talk tough

Michelle Malkin is advising her conservative fan boys to "gird their loins" for combat against the new Democratic order. These children love to talk macho, but as soon as our jackbooted UN thugs show up on their doorsteps on January 21st, they'll meekly turn over their Bibles, guns, and white women and beg us not to hurt them. They're all bluster and no substance. If you run into anyone talking like that call their bluff. Hand them a roll of duct tape and tell them to get girding or get off the girder (or something like that). Ninety nine percent of them will fold and slink away muttering about how persecuted they are. And if you run into the one percent who take you up on it, watching them try to explain to the emergency room staff what happened to their loins should be comedy gold. Be sure to bring a video camera; you could have the You Tube hit of the season.

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