Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout fallout

The bailout bill just failed and the stock market dropped 600 almost 800 points. Boehner and the Republicans are saying they voted against the bill because Pelosi hurt their feelings. I'm not sure whether the bill was good or bad, but I do know a stock market crash is not good.

Update: The final count on the Dow Jones is possible the biggest single day drop in history.

Earlier today, the McCain team was pushing the narrative that he personally saved the deal by pararchuting in last week. Now he's he's stamping his well-shod feet and shouting that Obama personally ruined the deal.

The House Republicans are sticking by their statement that they threw the deal because Pelosi hurt their iddle widdle feelings. Presumably, that means they were ready to vote for the bill on its merits until Pelosi said something mean. That's quite an amazing thing to admit. We always suspected that they were a bunch of drama queens who cared more about having their egos massaged than about doing what they think is best for America. But it's something else to hear it from their own mouths. Mind you, these are the same manly men who claim they are the only thing standing between us and total victory by the terrorists, immigrants, homosexuals, rap musicians, and Putin.

While it's true that they more likely changed their minds and scuttled the deal that John McCain personally negotiated because they thought running against the deal might be a way to save their pathetic jobs in November, it doesn't change the fact that claiming to be a bunch thin-skinned crybabies is really an amazing thing to announce in public. An not something that inspires confidence.

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