Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'll help, but only if I can kill something

Failed Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter had a great idea for giving himself a consolation prize and helping some of the world's neediest people, the Darfur refugees living in Chad. Hunter's staff contacted the embassy in N'Djamena and asked them to make arrangements for the congressman to go big game hunting for wildebeest and then distribute the meat to the refugees. The embassy, not one of our largest, was worried about the logistics and disruption of their staff, but made inquiries anyway. In their response they told Hunter that he would have to coordinate his visit with the World Food Program's distribution schedule, that the government of Chad doesn't allow big game hunting, and that, even if they did, there are no wildebeest in Chad. Hunter's staff said never mind, they'll go somewhere where he can kill something. His constituents must be proud.

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