Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Forward into the past

What century is this?
Robert Hurt went to Washington and didn't like what he saw – nudity in the nation's capital.
"Nude women, sculptured women," he told the state Republican platform committee, which sat in rapt attention.

Of all the evils in Washington that the Texas GOP took aim at this week, removing art with naked people from public view was high on the list for Mr. Hurt, a delegate from Kerrville.


He offered detail: On Arlington Memorial Bridge overlooking the famed national cemetery, "there are two Lady Godivas, two women on horses with no shirt on and long hair."

Actually, they are classical sculptures about war – one called Valor, depicting a male equestrian and a female with a shield, and Sacrifice, a female accompanying the rider Mars.

The Texas Republicans are alarmed that the Florida and Louisiana Republicans has been giving them a run for their money as the laughing stock of the nation, so they have struck back with a party platform more suited to the 1840's Republic of Texas than to the the twenty-first century State of Texas. The Texas Republicans are in favor of returning mandatory prayer to public schools, getting out of the United Nations, teaching intelligent design in science classes, repealing of the minimum wage, and declaring illegal immigrants criminals. They want to outlaw abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. They are for continuing the Iraq War till "victory" and denounce affirmative action as "racism disguised as social value."

America, this is the vanguard of the modern Republican Party. This is what they are offering.

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