Thursday, May 08, 2008

The view from Marrs

John McCain has a problem with the religious right. When he ran for president in 2000, he let his mavrickness get the best of him and he failed to be properly obsequious toward the irrational wing of the Republican Party. He refused to make a pilgrimage to Bob Jones University and slammed Bush for doing so. In 2002 he famously called Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell "agents of intolerance." The religious right made McCain pay, so when he prepared to run this year, he changed his tune from straight talk to singing the praises of those whom he had just condemned. He gave the 2006 commencement address at Falwell's Liberty University and hinted that he would love to appear at BJU if only they would invite him. He arranged a series of summits with various conservative evangelical leaders to woo their support.

But conservative evangelical leaders have big egos and long memories and the results for McCain have been mixed. John Hagee and Ron Paisley have given McCain the endorsements he wanted, but Robertson has not and James Dobson has loudly hinted at supporting a third party candidate rather than McCain. Still further out on the political spectrum, the resistance to McCain is even stronger. In the sales pitch for his "Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report" conspiracy writer and leader of the "Power of Prophecy" ministry Texe Marrs lets us know what the far, far religious right thinks of McCain. It's not pretty.
Senator John McCain is clearly favored for President by Israel and the Jewish billionaires who secretly control America’s Washington, D.C. political and banking establishments. In this exclusive report, Texe Marrs reveals why this is so. Discover the startling facts about the Rothschilds’ funding of McCain’s insane bloodlust to kill and ravage Iran and any other nation that doesn’t bow down before Israel’s warmongering machine; McCain’s many sexual infidelities; McCain’s plan to increase taxes on ordinary Americans ten-fold to pay for a disastrous World War III; McCain’s handlers, like the Mossad’s chief stooge, Senator Joe Lieberman; McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, butcher and anti-American traitor who permitted Israel’s Air Force to savagely attack the U.S. Navy’s Liberty vessel and kill scores of courageous American sailors; McCain’s close relationship to Neocon crazies like Pastor John Hagee and the bigoted Jewish rabbis who are clamoring for more blood and treasure to be heaped for Israel’s benefit. If this evil man is elected President, he will destroy America as a nation and push us into the North American Union. This wicked, dark reprobate must not be allowed to occupy the highest political office in the nation.

This is just the teaser and sales pitch. Marrs promises to go into all the gory details in his investigative report John McCain: Rothschild Puppet, Conservative Chameleon, Zionist Warmonger available in CD for a mere $8.00 plus postage and handling. I think I'll be saving my money. Marrs is recycling the same antisemitic, Illuminati conspiracy claims that have been made about every American president and presidential candidate since FDR. We've seen it before.

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