Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm not gloating

Remember when we were young and the hordes of Right Blogistan would make a great ruckus in celebration of the decline of Old Europe every time the Euro hit a new low compared to the dollar? Those were good times in Right Blogistan. Every day, so far this week, oil, gold, and the Euro have hit record highs compared to the dollar. Right Blogistan is not a joyous place these days. Oh, some of their friends on Wall Street a moment or two of cheer earlier this week when Elliot Spitzer resigned in shame. But that passed quickly as the class that gave us the CEO presidency went back to watching the fruits of the Bush boom get soft and mushy and produce clouds of fruit flies. Unfortunately,none of my investments are in oil, gold, or the Euro. I keep my investments in Mason jars, buried in the yard.

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