Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obsolete Skills I

Coturnix's Obligatory Readings of the Day for yesterday included a link to a list of obsolete technical skills. Both sites have interesting discussions and the concept has spawned, not one, but two wikis on the subject. I had most of the skills on the list at one time, but can't guarantee doing some of them anymore without poking someone's eye out. However, among thew amazing skills I can claim are:
  • Dialing a rotary phone
  • Counting change
  • Changing the ribbon in a typewriter
  • Threading a 16mm projector
  • Cuing a track on a vinyl record
  • Running a mimeograph machine
  • Doing long division
  • Trimming the tip on a quill pen
  • Tuning the picture on a television set

What amazing technical skills do you have?

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