Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pop Quiz

I may be muscling in on Mustang Bobby's act here, but today seems like a good day for a completely irrelevant question. Sometime relevance is overrated. So, here goes:
Who were the great pop music composers of the twentieth century--the ones who will last well into the next century, or should?

The only rules are these: we're talking pop music, not serious music; we're talking writers, not performers or producers; and we're talking about a body of work, not just one or two great songs. Since most of our experience is likely to be Anglo and rock/jazz/show centric, extra points will be awarded for other culture, other genres, and forgotten masters. I'll spot you, what I think are, ten obvious ones.

Cole Porter
Duke Ellington
Irving Berlin
Lennon and McCartney
Bacharach and David
Richard Rogers
Stevie Wonder
Anonio Carlos Jobim
Fats Waller

Who else belongs on the list?

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