Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Liberals want your kids to get clapped up

Why not start the new year with an example of what we mean when we refer to movement conservatives at not being part of the reality based community.

Wendy Wright is president of Concerned Women for America, a group that was originally founded by Beverly LaHaye as a counter-balance to the dangerous feminist tendencies of the National Organization for Women. They are a well financed group that is against gay rights, Harry Potter, abortion, sex-ed, most forms of birth control, pornography, stem cell research, the United Nations, vaccinating girls against the human papillomavirus (HPV), and hate crime legislation. They are for prayer in public schools, teaching intelligent design, abstinence-only sex-ed, the Biblical design of the family, and treating homosexuality as a dangerous, but curable, mental illness. They have been a major player on the religious right for almost thirty years.

Appearing on the December 31st edition of Fox News’ Special Report Wright had this to say about those who support comprehensive sex ed in the schools:
In fact, they want to encourage [kids to choose to have sex] because they benefit when kids end up having sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies and then they lead them into having abortions, so you have to look at the financial motives behind those who are promoting comprehensive sex ed.

Interestingly, she was not laughed out of the studio.

When their arguments fail, scoundrels turn to besmirching their opponents' motives. We only support sex-ed because we all stand to make big profits from tricking kids into getting venereal diseases. Damn! We've been exposed. Oh well, at least if my income from teenage VD futures dries up, I'll still be able to collect my Soros bucks for undermining patriotism.

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