Friday, November 30, 2007

Hostage Situation at Clinton HQ (Updated)

A man believed to be carrying a bomb has taken over the headquarters of the Clinton campaign in Rochester, New Hampshire. Police have surrounded the office. No word yet on who he is or what he wants. Clinton has canceled appearances in Washington to monitor the situation. It's too early to speculate about any political meaning, not that that will stop some people.

Update: WNBC-TV is reporting that the man wants to speak with Clinton, which implies that this is political and not a random attention seeking nut.

Update 2: Police are in contact with the hostage taker, who they describe as "a well-known local resident with a history of emotional problems who told his son to 'watch the news today.'"

Meanwhile, the trolls are demonstrating their sensitivity over at ABC:
No doubt Hillary will call this a part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" and try to use it to scare up support for herself. That's how she did things when she was First Lady. The only thing that matters to a Clinton is his or her own personal needs and wants. They don't concern themselves with the downstream consequences of their decisions.
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wake up hillary's behind the hole thing.
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william f. e

Well this is going to definitely give her more notorierity. Now no one can say they haven't heard of her. LOL
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Update 3: It's over. Leeland Eisenberg surrendered to police in Rochester, N.H. after a six hour standoff. His son told the police that his father had been drinking and that the "bomb" was just road flares and duct tape. Still no word what Eisenberg wanted to say, but he has a history of bizzare behavior including stalking and paranoid ranting. Personally, I think he was kidnapped by Satanists and brainwashed.

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