Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The unfunny Mr. Beck

Glenn Beck thinks that this is funny, because some of those newly homeless might be America-hating liberals.
More than a half million people had been ordered from San Diego County homes Tuesday as wildfires rage from the Mexican border to north of Los Angeles.

Across Southern California, more than 1,300 homes had been reduced to ashes, officials said Tuesday.

About 1,000 homes have been destroyed in San Diego County alone.

A second civilian has died in the wildfires, the U.S. Forest Service said Tuesday afternoon. It provided no details.

Fears grew north of Los Angeles that the winds may fan three wildfires into one monster blaze, with too little resources available to fight it.

Those fires threaten more than 56,000 homes.

In San Diego County, at least 513,000 residents had been ordered to find refuge in shelters, schools and stadiums as fires pushed into new areas Tuesday.

Beck's supporters on the far right are playing the martyrdom card ("Waaaah! The bad liberals are trying to suppress our free speech."), but this kind of ugliness isn't a partisan issue. Even card carrying moderates and right of center folks are appalled at Beck this time.

I don't really care whether Beck issues a half hearted apology or whether this or that Republican politician distances his- or herself from Becks comments. That kind of theater is all part of the same game and means nothing. I want the people of America to notice what a jerk Beck is and treat him with the contempt he deserves. I don't want him off the air because a threatened boycott of his sponsors led CNN to fire him. I want him off the air because no one will listen to his hate-filled crap any longer.

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