Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore laughs last

I awoke this morning to a distant popping sound that, for some reason, made me happy. It took a while for me to take care of my morning toiletries and boot up the computer before I could discover the source of that curious sound. Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize and all over America conservative heads are exploding. I'm sure that in certain circles this will be seen as a call to fire up the slime machine to go after Gore, Europe, the king of Sweden, intellectuals, and anyone who gets their facts from real scientists instead of corporate hacks. Let them rant. Today is Gore's day and no amount of noise will spoil it for him. Way to go, big guy.

Update: If you want to really relish your schadenfreude (and who doesn't), Tim Lambert has some quotes from the exploding heads.

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