Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The most corrupt

CREW just released its annual report on the most corrupt members of Congress, this year entitled Beyond DeLay: The 22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and two to watch). The Republicans managed to lock up twenty of the most corrupt spots, leaving only four for the Democrats. The entire congressional delegation of the state of Alaska managed to make the list. True, Alaska only has three members in congress (Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, and Don Young), but that's still quite an accomplishment for a small state. No one else managed that. Washington is represented by my mother's member of congress, Doc Hastings. Hastings offense, which is connected to the US Attorney firings, is pretty small beans compared to what the Alaskans have been up to. The full report is pretty entertaining reading as we start to think about next year's elections.

Update: The honors keep on rolling in for Alaska. The Hill just named Ted Stevens the king of earmarks in this year's budget process. Stevens managed to add $189 million in project requests to this year's defense appropriation bill.

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