Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Once a playground bully...

Our diplomat in chief at work charming the press representatives of our most valuable ally:
At a recent press conference at Camp David, President George Bush insulted BBC political editor Nick Robinson, the Daily Mirror reports.

Robinson, who has asked Bush pointed questions in the past such as whether the president was "in denial" over the Iraq war, posed a question to Bush about whether he could trust visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown not to "cut and run" from Iraq.

Bush replied with a dismissal: "Are you still hanging around?"

Later on, Bush poked fun at the bare-pate of Robinson, joking, "You’d better cover up your bald head, it’s getting hot out."

The respected British reporter shot back, "I didn’t know you cared."

Bush responded with a cool, "I don’t." The Mirror reports that Bush then "snorted disdainfully" and “walked away to laughter."

Dear rest of the world, Please accept our apologies. Half of us didn't want him in the first place and half of those who did now understand their mistake. Give us another chance and there is at least a forty percent chance we won't blow it this time.

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