Wednesday, July 04, 2007

PZ in Seattle

PZ Myers, better known as Pharyngula to some, dropped by the regular meeting of the Seattle Drinking Liberally last night. He brought his kids, Alaric and Skatje, both good looking and well behaved, and two nephews who looked a little bemused at all of the nerds. And it was a nerdapalloza. There were science nerds, liberal nerds, skeptic nerds, blogging nerds, atheist nerds, and microbrew nerds. Being Seattle we were all mellow. Everyone politely waited their turn to meet PZ and mention their blog. No fights broke out and no one was trampled in the rush to be the first to greet him. Just for the record, I was first because I recognized Alaric. I've only been to Drinking Liberally a few times, but it was the biggest crowd I've ever seen there. I'm sure the restaurant owners were happy for the trade on an otherwise slow week night.

For the curious, he doesn't really have tentacles; that's an illusion caused by the rays of light given off by his presence.

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