Thursday, April 19, 2007

Um, okay

Mike Dunford's wife is serving Iraq right now. Earlier today he received this e-mail from the Family Readiness Group for his wife's unit. I'm glad to see that they have their priorities straight.
The Acting Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff, Army have emphasized that Army Families are a key component of our readiness. Army Families shoulder a great burden of sacrifice, supporting their Soldier and often enduring long periods of separation from their loved ones. Top notch care and support of Army Families demonstrate our sincere appreciation and gratitude for their many contributions, and allow our Soldiers to fully concentrate on the fight and focus on their duties. Effective immediately, the word "Families" will be capitalized in all Army correspondence. Please ensure wide dissemination of this change. Thanks for your continued efforts to do all you can to provide steadfast support to our Army Families.

I'm just doing my patriotic best to help with the wide dissemination. Then my head will explode.

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