Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time passes when you're having fun

Four years ago today, I mowed my front yard while fuming about the war that our appointed president was about to start. As soon as the bombs started dropping, it would mean the end of an international order of diplomacy and law that had taken sixty years to build. One petulant little twit's ego was about to return the world to the days of gunboat diplomacy.

I had started to write a long note to my friend David, hoping he would post it on his blog, but I was starting to feel guilty about imposing on him to give me space to express my opinions. I thought about starting my own blog, I even had a name chosen. But I hesitated. Every diary or journal I have ever started has started with a bang and fizzled out about ten days later. Surely I was too old for that kind of pitiful display.

But I kept getting back to the war. This was too big of a moment to let pass without saying something. And there were those other things I wanted to talk about. Most of my grad school friends had moved away, so all of the little observations about culture, conspiracy theories, history, science, and crabgrass just piled up in my head. Maybe if I just got the free blog and tried to keep it up for one month. If I could keep writing for thirty days, I thought, maybe I could do more. No grandiose plans this time. Just thirty days...

Four years, this is my 1,429th post. Archy has had 101,487 visitors, 2,106 comments, currently has a Technorati ranking of 35,160, and a TLB ecosystem rating of 3528. That means, I'm a medium sized blog. I have nowhere near the traffic or productivity of the big kids, but I like my little niche.

I had a big fourth season cliff-hanger ending planned, with mammoths, Nazis, colliding planets, and the lovely Cockroach Dancers doing a line dance to "Archy Blarchy Heart." But the out-of-print book I needed to fact check my post still hasn't arrived, even though I ordered it three weeks ago (they are so not getting a good review). I guess that gives me something to use for my special two hour fifth season premier.

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