Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy birthday, old squid (with updates)

Tomorrow, March 9, will be the 50th birthday of Dr. Paul Myers the University of Minnesota at Morris, Biology Department, better known to the blogging community as PZ of Pharyngula. We're going to celebrate this august occasion in the only way bloggers know, by having a blogfest. Whether PZ has been a friend, role model, or fierce debating partner, we hope you'll join us in recognizing him for his contributions to our corner of the blogosphere. All day tomorrow, Grrlscientist, Coturnix and I will be posting links to PZ's birthday greetings.

If you have a post for PZ on your blog, pictures of calamari, glowing tributes, haiku, dedicated posts, or simple best wishes, let us know and we'll add you to the linkfests. Our e-mails are: grrlscientist at gmail dot com, coturnix at gmail dot com, or archymarquis at aol dot com. If you don't have a blog, add something to the comments at any of the linkfests and Mrs. PZ will make sure he reads every one (note: prayers for conversion and angry denouncements will be disemvoweled on sight, so don't bother).

After you send your best wishes, hang around and read the others, join the virtual party, have some virtual cake, help us keep Coturnix away from the virtual punchbowl (we don't want a repeat of what virtually happened last year).

Check back in as the day progresses. There will be more fun and surprises all day. I'm saving my contribution for last (mostly because I'm not finished with it)

Update 1: It looks like Coturnix has the first linkfest up already. Since I'm on the West coast, I'll probably have the last one tonight. The real rush begins tomorrow morning at Grrlscientist's.

Update 2, Thursday midnight: The clock just rolled over into the new day, which means it realy is PZ's birthday here in the time zone of his birth. So, let the bells toll and let us celebrate with this linkfest.

The man himself admits it.

The world's best known atheist starts us out with a poem, dashing several stereotypes in one shot.


Bad Astronomy

Sean Carroll at Cosmic Variance.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World

Corpus Callosum

Nonoscience (it's a trick post, try highlighting it)

Strange Fruit


Hot Cup of Joe

Medlar Comfits



Evolving Thoughts has a Gilbert and Sullivan moment.

Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)


Dynamics of Cats


Invasive Species

Update 3, Friday, late morning: PZ has noticed that something is happening in the blogosphere, and the links continue.


Omni Brain


Newton's Binomium

Neural Gourmet

Greg Laden

Socratic Gadfly

Sharp Brains


Cocktail Party Physics


Halfway There


John Wills Lloyd

Reed Cartwright at Panda's Thumb

Pen Elayne

Terra Sigillata

3 Quarks Daily

The Two Percent Company

Memoirs of a Skepchick

Action Skeptics

Geoff Coupe's Blog



Zen Curmudgeon

Update 4. Later, that same day:


Galactic Interactions

The Questionable Authority

The Island of Doubt

Respectful Insolence

The Voltage Gate

Chaotic Utopia

The Modulator

Science Made Cool

The Daily Transcript

Rev. BigDumbChimp

Aurora Walking Vacation

The Disgruntled Chemist

Dubito Ergo Sum

Another History Blog


Thoughts in a Haystack

Broken Springboards All the Way Down

The Thermal Vent

Ron’s Blog

Dave at The Galloping Beaver shares the same birthday.

Sunbeams from Cucumbers

Update 5, End of the birthday day: It's almost midnight in the timezone of PZ's birth, but if any more contributions show up, I'll post another update tomorrow morning.

Adventures in Ethics and Science

Thomasburg Walks

Brent Rasmussen at Unscrewing the Inscruitable


Faded Flowers

The Greenbelt

Red State Rabble

The Inoculated Mind


Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds)

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