Friday, January 26, 2007

Seasonal depression
According to someone named Phylameana lila Desy, who has a column on, and a little tiny icon of her smiling face that looks she's been hit with Joker gas, this been this has been a very depressing week for everyone involved. Let's look at he evidence.
Blue Monday is the Monday in January that begins the last full week of the month. For 2007 that would be today--January 22. The end of January is the time of year when:
  • New Year's Resolutions have lost their umphh!
  • Over-the-budget expenditures from the holidays show up on our credit card statements.
  • It is time to go back to school after the winter break.
  • It's cold outside, and you'd just as soon stay in bed all day.

  • Oh, and on Tuesday, you are given notice on the job you've faithful served in for the last four and a half years.
  • Did I mention, you're over educated, over fifty, and now subject to age descrimination.

Damn! She's good! This has been a bad week. I'm behind schedule on my new diet, it's cloudy outside, and I'm a funny looking old guy who's soon to be unemployed. Thank dog Phylameana lila Desy is here to help me with an Affirmation of the Day.

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