Sunday, January 21, 2007

A competely selfish plea
It looks like the 2007 Science Blogging Conference was a big success. Our friend Coturnix, who was one of the primary organizers of this event, deserves major kudos for this event. Not only did Coturnix help put on this event, he's a graduate student with a dissertation to write, a TA with classes to teach, and a normal human with kids to raise, a spouse to keep happy, and a life to live. Okay, maybe that's not a normal human at all, but he still deserves kudos.

Now, since I'm sure many people are already talking about next year's conference, let me throw in my two cents worth. I hope it does not become the annual North Carolina Science Bloggers' Conference; I hope it becomes the annual North American Science Bloggers' Conference, alternating from East to West, as is traditional for most American professional associations. On the west side of the continent, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are best set up to handle a world-class conference, though any large city or university town can handle a medium sized conference, including our Canadian bretheren in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary (of course, it would be really cool if it eventually included Mexico and Central America with tours of the great archaelogical sites of that region).

For my own selfish reasons, I hope next year's is held in Seattle, Portland, or Canadian Vancouver so I can attend and meet the big fish, cephalopods, or dawgs, as the case may be. If none of those are suitable, I'll root for the Denver-Boulder region so I can visit some long lost relatives along with attending the conference.

Readers with a science inclination should add their their preferences and justifications here so we can lobby Coturnix en-masse.

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