Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weather report (not the band)
There is still snow on the ground in Seattle and the schools are closed. Seattle gets a few days of snow each year and completely closes down when it does. Normally, the snow is big wet flakes and the temperature is barely freezing, so it melts off in a couple hours. Yesterday was a real snow storm. It snowed and the temperature kept dropping. After the front passed, the sky was clear and bright and the temperature was in the teens, which only happens few times in a decade. I love that kind of weather. I went into work for about three hours during the sunlight hours. By the end of the day, most of the main streets were dry, just from the traffic, but the neighborhoods were well polished ice.

Today is the same, with another front moving in. This one is supposed to start out snowy and then warm up, which will mean massive flooding in the county. November is turning out to be the wettest month on record for Seattle. There have been weekly flooding storms. In the county small bridges and culverts have washed out and washed out again. The power has been on and off. In the city, the main flooding is just in basements, the power mostly stays on, and the main traffic problem is the idiot SUV drivers who think they can macho their way through bad road conditions.

I love dramatic weather. If I didn't have to go driving in it, I would really be enjoying this month.

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