Thursday, October 12, 2006

This means he likes us?
I've never understood the right-wing fixation on George Soros. Take Bill O'Reilly.* Last week, O'Reilly had Neil Cavuto on to discuss his interview with Soros earlier that same day.

Okay, let's digress here. Isn't it just a little creepy for one talking head on a television station to interview another talking head on that same television station about what he just said on his show? If Fox is that desperate for programming, maybe they could do what stations did when I was a kid: run old movies and cartoons during the slow hours and sign off late at night. Would anybody really miss Fox News if they went away for twelve hours a day? Wouldn't this country be a better place if people watched more Betty Boop cartoons and screwball comedies and less Bill O'Reilly big hair Gibson?

That's just a thought. Back to Bill and Neil.
But what I'm trying to tell you is ... this guy, he's a charlatan, man. He's trying to put across that he's a -- he's a give-peace-a-chance kind of guy, and he wants radical change in this country. He wants everything changed, Neil, from top to bottom, and I backed that up in Culture Warrior. I mean, I go down the list.

CAVUTO: You know, I tell you, Bill. I read your book, and I've read his book. And I know you don't like him, and I think it's fair to say after this interview he doesn't flip over you. But the fact of the matter -- nor is he getting Factor gear, by the way. But I'll tell you, he's just a strong advocate of his position. And you know, you can agree or disagree with that, but I think it's a bit of a stretch, you know, to say he's a phony and all of this other stuff.

O'REILLY: I didn't say he was a phony.

No, Bill, you said he's a charlatan, and that's a big difference.
O'REILLY: Yeah, he's damaging the country. He is the single most dangerous individual in the United States of America. And his assassins, the people he hires to harm the people with whom he disagrees. And he sits back and he goes, "Oh, I don't know what they're doing." Bull.

But I'm glad you had him on, Neil, and you were respectful to him.

CAVUTO: Oh, man.

O'REILLY: And we --

CAVUTO: But you've got to -- look, this guy has given $5 billion of his money away to a lot of good causes. So there's some good he has done. You've got to acknowledge -- some good.

O'REILLY: Mussolini -- Mussolini made the trains run on time, Neil.

Last week Soros was the moral equivalent to Mussolini. What does Bill O'Reilly, who doesn't "do personal attacks" have to say about Soros this week?
[A]ccording to George Soros, we torture people in Iraq. We humiliate all the Iraqis. We kill people who are innocent. We're Nazis. That's what we're doing in Iraq. This is what George Soros really believes. He believes it. He's not a phony.

Right Bill, he's a charlatan. We got that. Soros, who is the moral equivalent to Mussolini, thinks we're Nazis. Doesn't that means he likes us? Does it mean we're innocent victims of the American army? I don't understand, Bill. Please explain it to me.

* Please! [ba-da-boom]

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