Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So, what else is news
While the Republican House leadership tries to get their stories straight about who knew or did what when and why they did or didn't do it, I wonder what else is in the news. For me, one of the most frustrating things about the last six years has been the hydra-like nature of the radical right's attack on the Bill of Rights, enlightenment civilization, and the things that make America worthwhile. Every time we focus on one crime, they take advantage of our distraction to degrade something else. As we tried to stop Bush's war from destroying an international order that took sixty years to build, they started dismantling the regulatory system that keeps our food and drugs safe, protects our environment, and stands up for the rights of workers and other powerless people. While we tried to save social security, they tried to gut the Endangered Species Act. When we rushed to defend the Bill of Rights, they rushed to sell off the national forests. So, what craven and destructive acts are they trying to sneak through while we're all trying to make the House leadership take some responsibility for their criminal inaction?

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