Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Making up history
Pat Buchanan demostrates that his knowledge of the history of his own home town is as dependable as his knowledge of the Holocaust and other world events.
I'll tell you, this is going to boomerang on the Democrats for the simple reason of this. You know, the consensual age for sex in Washington, D.C., is 16 years old, which means if this congressman had gone off to a motel with this kid, it'd have been no crime committed, although conservatives would be outraged. One of the reasons the age of consent has been reduced is the gay rights movement, which is holy [sic] inside the Democratic Party.

The age of consent in Washington DC has been 16 since 1901. This either means that the gay rights movement was well organized and exercised influence far earlier than most of us ever suspected. Or that Pat Buchanan is just making stuff up to support his prejudices. I'm bettingthat it's the latter. As long as I'm in a betting mood, I'll also lay odds that back in 1901 the sge of consent was raised, not lowered. Washington DC is, after all, a Southern city.

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