Monday, October 09, 2006

Almost sad
I wrote a letter to my local paper last night and suggested this, as a joke.
Republican campaign officials said yesterday that they expect to lose at least seven House seats and as many as 30 in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, as a result of sustained violence in Iraq and the page scandal involving former GOP representative Mark Foley.


[T]he White House plans to amplify national security issues, especially the threat of terrorism, after North Korea's reported nuclear test, in hopes of shifting the debate away from casualties and controversy during the final month of the campaign.

They're going to run on national security, the very issue where their failure is the most obvious and deadly. They think that, if they scare people, it will help them beacuse Republicans are tough on security. If they remind everybody that the boogie man du jour, North Korea, now has the bomb, they think eveyone will run back to big, Republican daddy to save them, even though the only reason North Korea now has the bomb is because of their macho, sabre-rattling approach completely backfired.

It looks like Bush has resigned himself to having his presidency remembered like every other thing he as attempted as an adult--a total failure. They aren't even trying.

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