Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time to update his resume?
If you were the art director for one of the world's premier news agencies and needed to illustrate a story that began with this paragraph:
"The White Planet,"a documentary about life in the Arctic, was delayed by a year as filmmakers waited for a herd of nearly half a million caribou to gather for their yearly migration up north.

What picture would you use?

That's right, a herd of musk oxen. Musk oxen are not mentioned anywhere in the article, which is entitled "Attention Caribou: It's time for your closeup." In the art director's defense, the picture is apparently a still from the movie maker's publicity package.

"The White Planet," by the way, is a companion piece to last year's "March of the Penguins." It's currently playing at the Toronto International Film Festival and should be in theaters later this year. I know I'll go see it. It might be our last chance to polar bears on ice.

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