Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pitch perfect
Glenn Greenwald sums up Right Blogistan:
The creepy spectacle of watching one warrior after the next insist that we must risk other people's lives and bomb more people so that we don't feel girlish and scared and submissive is repugnant enough, in itself, to have to witness on a daily basis. But the fact that these same people are the ones whose deep, irrational fears of The Terrorist override virtually all other considerations, and who demand that we change our nation and relinquish all of the values and liberties which have always defined it and which make it worth fighting for, all because they believe that doing so is necessary to allow them some marginally greater chance of avoiding death, renders their accusations and warrior dances -- on top of everything else -- an exercise in the grossest and most absurd hypocrisy.

I've tried to make this same point--that a profoundly contemptible cowardice lies at the heart of the macho posturing about being tough enough to "do what's necessary" on the right--but I never said it this well. Go read the rest.

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