Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One of the main reasons why some of us volunteer to host carnivals is that it gives us an opportunity to wield power. As the host, we have something everyone wants--links, lovely links--and that means everyone wants to be your new best friend. I'm hosting the Carnival of the Liberals tomorrow and found this in my mailbox just now.
Though I, technically speaking, have never actually read your blog, I've always admired you from a distance and thought your writing was among the best on the net. It's hard to put into words, but I really like that thing you do, and it's really great and important. Not that you should let my meager words influence you. But I assume you must get this kind of praise all the time and won't actually consider this to be cheap flattery intended to influence your decision. Because it's not. I just happen to think you're the best, whoever you are.

His post is definitely going first.
UPDATE: The Carnival of the Liberals won't be up till this evening. It seems that my employers actually have the unreasonable expectation that I will occasionally do some word for them.

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