Saturday, July 22, 2006

Goodbye Ralph, please
Here is one of the stories that I didn't get around to commenting on during the week.

On Tuesday, Ralph Reed was defeated in his quest to become the next Lt. Governor of Georgia. The vote wasn't even close and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Reed's background includes a stint in the College Republicans*, getting fired from his college paper for plagiarism, a stint as an anti-abortion protestor, head of the Christian Coalition, dirty tricks in various elections from his college days forward, and money laundering for his old roommate Jack Abramoff. His people are saying that his loss is somehow the fault of sabotage by John McCain. If that's true, we all owe McCain our thanks.

Lt. Governor of Georgia might be a do-nothing job, but Reed has his eyes firmly set on the White House and this was an important step in that direction. As Lt. Governor, Reed would have been able to get press attention and would have been well positioned to be annonted as the front runner for governor when Sonny Pudue is term-limited out of office. As the last century has shown, governorships are the best path to the White House. As Reed is barely forty-five, we shouldn't count ourselves safe from him yet. He says we won't have Ralph to kick around anymore, but I don't belive it. He will return.

* Since the College Republicans is nothing more than a school in dirty tricks for future corrupt politicians, isn't it about time the whole thing was declared a criminal enterprise under RICO and shut down?

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