Thursday, June 15, 2006

I swear that emu was packing heat
This little item comes to us via Afarensis:
Police in this university town say they hadn't dealt with an emu on the loose before. So when the big bird was found running rampant, officers pulled out the big firepower.

Cornered in a residential area Wednesday, the flightless cousin of the ostrich took five blasts from an officer's shotgun before being finished off by three more rounds from a police rifle.

Police say they had no other recourse in dealing with a species known to be aggressive and elusive -- they're capable of moving up to 35 mph -- with anyone who gets too close.

No other recourse? How about calling the state department of fish and wildlife, a zoo, or a large animal veterinarian? Any one of them would have tranquilizer guns, nets, and the knowledge of how to use them. Why was it necessary to stop the emu at that exact moment rather than waiting for expert help? Did it take hostages? This is hunting country. It sounds to me like the boys just got a little too excited over the chance to kill something new.

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