Friday, June 09, 2006

I called it again
I suppose the job of news is a lot easier when you don't bother to find out what's really happening. Just assume what should be happening, according to your personal prejudices, and announce it on the air as a fact. Don't waste your valuable time with all of that bothersome research and reporting stuff.

That, at least, seems to be the theory that Fox News host John Gibson and Republican strategist Ed Rollins operate under.
GIBSON: Out in Las Vegas, the far-left-wing Daily Kos is having its big convention. Every major democratic leader -- Howard Dean, Harry Reid, John Kerry -- is coming out to speak, and they have been defeated in Southern California, [Brian] Bilbray won.


GIBSON: Zarqawi was caught the day their convention opens. This is -- the left is demoralized by this.

ROLLINS: Well, they'll claim it's a conspiracy theory. That we knew their meeting was going on and that's why we did it.

GIBSON: Well, they are claiming that. They are claiming at this moment that they were saving Zarqawi to kill at an important moment.

ROLLINS: Well, you know, obviously, that's not true. And obviously, it makes them unhappy, so be it.

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