Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Morning of the Beast began with my a little cat. It might have been 06:06:06 AM. When the sky grows light and the crows start talking, Marlow awakens. Today was no different than any other day since we got the kitten. When Marlow wakes up, he wants everyone to wake up.

First, he tries walking around on the Clever Wife and me, but he's a very small cat and at least one of us can usually sleep through that.

Next, he tries talking to us. Marlow doesn't meow; he squeaks and trills and makes bird-call noises. If we don't respond, he gets more insistent and emphatic in his chatter. Squeaking is actually a very effective way to impart a sense of urgency.

I tried to respond to his near-panic tone with the voice of reason: "Timmy is not in the well. I haven't known anyone named Timmy in years. We don't even have a well. Go away. I still have another half-hour." It didn't work. It usually doesn't.

Now that I'm up and my work day is almost over, let's see what apocalyptic things are happening around the globe.

Remake of The Omen. Yawn.

Pharyngula might be the Beast.

Ann Coulter has a new book. Apparently she thinks the release date says something terribly clever and unflattering about liberals. The liberals think the release date says something terribly clever and unflattering about Ann. Personally, I think it's a flawed analogy. Ann can't be the Beast, she's already the Whore of Babylon and her clever/naughty act is getting as old as her wardrobe.

Nothing apocalyptic seems to be happening around here. The sky hasn't turned to fire. The sea hasn't turned to blood (though a red tide is never completely out of the question). The most evil things in the news are the same evil things that have been there for weeks (they know who they are). Neither the dolphing nor the fundamentalists have been raptured away.

It looks like the world will not end today. I might as well do some laundry so I have something to wear to work tomorrow. Just to be on the safe side.

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