Monday, May 08, 2006

A new level of something
President Bush talking to German reporters. I'm sure that makes some of his handlers very nervous. So far most of Left Blogistan has been talking about his fish story, but my head is ready to explode over this little bit of information:
President Bush said he would like to close the U.S.-run prison at Guantanamo Bay — a step urged by several U.S. allies — but was awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on how suspects held there might be tried.

For four and a half years the administration has been claiming that the courts have no jurisdiction over their "enemy combatant" prisoners. The whole reason for making up a new category of prisoner and for locating their prison camp outside of US territory was to try and avoid the jurisdiction of US law and US courts. For four and a half years, the administration has tried to say that they can do anything they feel like to and with their prisoners and no court can tell them otherwise. Now, all of the sudden, Bush would love to give all of the prisoners fair trials and close the camp, but the big, bad Supreme Court won't let him.


Have I mentioned lately that I really hate this administration?

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