Monday, May 29, 2006

I had such plans
It's six o'clock on Monday and I'm suffering a bad case of wasted weekend blues.

First, I was planning to do yard work and outdoor house projects. It rained. It rained Friday. It rained Saturday. It rained Sunday. Just to be sadistic, the sun finally came out about forty-five minutes ago.

I meant to do house work. I did manage to do a load of laundry so I won't stink at work, but other than that, the house is one unbroken wasteland of kitten damage.

I planned to blog. I had mammoth stories. I had Nazis at the South Pole stories. I had serious thoughts about the tribal nature of American politics and the idiosyncrasies of blogger style. I had recipes.

All in vain. Saturday morning, while picking up some groceries, I browsed a used-bookstore and picked up a comparative study of war aims in the Second World War. I once thought about doing the same for the First World War, so, naturally, I was interested in his approach. That was it. No productive work of any other sort got done. Now I’m looking at my bookshelves and pondering where I should go next. The mammoth books still call from a pile next to my bed, but now they are in competition with obscure monographs on Balkan diplomacy.


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