Thursday, April 13, 2006

Religious opression in Kansas
This one comes via Pharyngula.

We all know what a story about religious opression in the United States means today. It's a sad tale of those icky secularists and liberals crushing the spirit of good Christians by forcing them to share their continent with some people that they might disapprove of and by denigrating their most sacred festivals by calling them "holidays." This isn't a story about that.
State Board of Education member Connie Morris took exception Wednesday to a picture of a made-up creature that satirizes the state's new science standards hanging on a Stucky Middle School teacher's door.

Fellow board member Sue Gamble told The Eagle that Morris asked for the picture to be removed.

The creature, called the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is the creation of Bobby Henderson of Corvallis, Ore. It looks like a clump of spaghetti with two eyes sticking out of the top and two meatballs flanking the eyes.

Henderson created the entity and an accompanying mythology on the origin of mankind to make fun of Kansas' recent debate over the teaching of criticisms of evolution, including intelligent design.

Doesn't true religious and intellectual freedom demand that students be exposed to all sides of the controversy? How dare they censor the Pastafarian point of view!

I'm feeling oppressed by this blatant bigotry. It's time we Pastafarians stood up and were counted. And what better way to be counted than through a class-action law suit?

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