Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do we need another carnival?
I decided to send my piece on Wozney the dinosaur denier to the next Skeptic's Circle and was muttering to myself that I hope the Circle never gets tired of running Creationism bashing pieces when I started thinking about just how many Creationism bashing pieces they do run. In almost every meeting of the Circle, they need to have a special section just for the Creationism skeptics. It's the same at the Tangled Bank. There are several other biology and science carnivals that I don't read as regularly, but I bet most of them run their share of Creationism debunkings.

Since this is such an enduringly popular topic, I wonder why no one has started a carnival of creationism deniers as a spin off from the Circle and the Bank. I'm not volunteering to manage one--I think I've demostrated that management is not my strong suit--but I'd gladly host it now and again, and I'd be a regular contrubutor. If anyone out there is pondering starting a carnival, but lacks a good topic, I offer you this idea free of charge. That is, I'd demand thirty percent of the glory, but I offer it free of monetary charge.

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