Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm sure any regular readers (if you exist) have noticed I'm suffering from a bad case of outrage burnout at the news. I'm still blogging, but I've started writing about mostly salmon and mammoths.

This doesn't mean I'm not paying attention to the news (that's a differerent burnout); I just can't concentrate on a single issue long enought to say anything intelligent without being overcome by disgust and a sense of futiity. I wonder how much of this is a product of my environment. Living on the West Coast, I'm hours behind the majority of bloggers. News blogging is very time sensitive. By the time I get my coffee break at work, it's after noon on the East Coast and most of the news day is over. I'm rarely the first to comment on something. I'm also a very small blog. Even when I am the first to comment on something, I never get credit for it. So news blogging provides no personal validation; it's something I do only for the fun of it. Lately, news is just not fun. I've even been thinking about giving up blogging.

I was already feeling pretty burned out before our lovely Miss Parker died a few weeks ago and mourning around the house hasn't helped. But now it's over. The Clever Wife rather dramatically yanked herself out of her funk on Tuesday and has thrown herself into her soap business. The business is supposed to provide for our retirement. She realized she was neglecting it and decided it was time to dust off "the plan" and get back to work.

I had my own shock just a little while ago. Coturnix wrote and asked what was up with the Carnival of Bad History. I have competely neglected the CoBH. I haven't even glanced at the mail in almost a month. Two weeks ago, with no help from me, Ahistoricality posted CoBH #5. While I grovel and beg for Ahistoricality's forgiveness, I want all of you to go over and check out the carnival. Give Ahistoricality the traffic bump that he/she/it deserves for volunteering. Egad, I feel like such a jerk... If it's any consolation, I also failed to notice my own blogiversary last week.

Alright, no more moping. I'm back to blogging. I have a creationist to roast. I promised the gang over a Farm Runoff a history of Nazi flying saucers in Antarctica. I have mammoths to write about. The leaders of the free world need to be mocked. As gad is my witness, I will never go blogless again!!

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