Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A prediction
Cheney's appearance on Fox today won't settle the shooting issue, but his people and the right-wing information machine will claim that it did.

Cheney's story is one more in competing set of narratives. Too many questions (mostly about alcohol) still linger. Did Cheney really only have one beer at lunch or did he have more than that? What time was lunch? Do any of his heart medications interact negatively with alcohol? Why did Armstrong and the police both make a point of saying he hadn't been drinking when he had? Why the delay in talking to the police? Why the delay in telling Bush? Why the delay in telling us?

The right-wing information machine is going to claim that the Fox interview settled everything and that the "liberal media" is keeping the issue alive just to hurt Bush. At some point they will discover Wittington's right to privacy and start waving it around. Wottington has a right to stay out of the news, but he doesn't have a not have his phone tapped. They will see no irony or humor in holding these positions.

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