Friday, February 17, 2006

Non-partisan conservatives
There is a popular schtick among certain conservative pundits where they claim to be the only true non-partisan, independents left in the country. Their self-proclaimed independent status is supposed to lend a special aura of credibility to everything they say. While everyone else is blinded by partisanship, only they can speak the truth. For these non-partisan conservatives, the truth usually is that liberals, Democrats, and "the Left" are almost always wrong.

Today, Marshall Wittman, who calls himself the Moose, explains the Left's cult of Bush hatred.
The Moose opposes most of the economic agenda of the Administration. However, he critically supports the President in the war on terror - including the NSA program. This has won the Moose the visceral opprobrium of the left. Because in the left wing universe, one must oppose everything the President supports. The truth is that a good part of the left believes that George W. Bush is a greater threat to America than Osama bin Laden.

Got that? None of us are upset with the NSA wiretapping because of principled support for the Fourth Amendment, the right to privacy, or the rule of law; we hate it because we "must oppose everything the President supports." This is a classic example of the most basic propaganda message: our side believes in honorable things for good reasons; their side takes calculated positions out of ulterior motives.

Before he became an authority on the motivations of the Left, Wittman was Director of Communications for Sen. John McCain, Director of Legislative affairs for the Christian Coalition, Director of Congressional Relations for the Heritage Foundation's and served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services in the Bush administration. With credentials like that, we know his position as the only true non-partisan voice is unassailable.

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