Monday, February 13, 2006

Last post on Cheney
Unless some exciting development appears in the news, I can't imagine having much more to say about Dead-Eye Dick's big hunting adventure. However, If you can't get enough of it, go read the series of posts at Firedog Lake. They have covered most of the possible angles and have collected a nice set of letters from hunters commenting on this. Most agree that Cheney was completely irresponsible as a hunter.

My last question is this: how is this going over with the masses of red state hunters? Most of the NRA card-carrying faithful vote Republican. Will they delude themselves like good little followers and say, "well golly, accidents do happen," or will the real hunters sit up and say "he was doing WHAT?" It still might not make any political difference, but it should take a little of the glow off of their opinion of Cheney as a person.

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