Monday, January 16, 2006

Strongarm tactics
Just when I think I have a firm grip on all of the reasons to be ashamed that this administration is representing us to the world, John Aravosis points out one I missed last week.
A decision not to send more troops in Afghanistan would be damaging for Dutch interests in the US, former American diplomat Paul Bremer III warned on Monday.

Dutch politicians have been putting off a final decision for weeks on whether to send 1,200 troops to southern Afghanistan to assist in the US-led campaign against the Taliban.


In an interview with Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant', Bremer said the Netherlands must not expect that a refusal to send the troops will not have consequences.

They should probably put the word "diplomat" in scare quotes when describing Bremer.
Acknowledging Dutch politicians must weigh all the considerations, he said question marks would be raised on the US side about Nato if the mission doesn't go ahead. "What is Nato all about if our allies are not prepared to stand should-to-shoulder with us?"

What is Nato all about if our allies are not prepared to surrender their sovreignty and do what we them to do?
Consequences would be unavoidable if the Dutch does not send the troops. "Time and time again decisions must be taken by the US government, by Congress, that influence Dutch economic interests. It is not difficult to imagine decisions could be taken that would not be in the interests of the Netherlands," Bremer said.

That's a lovely economy you have there. It would be a shame if something unfortuidous should happen to it.

Have I mentioned lately that I really hate these guys?

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