Saturday, January 21, 2006

Only the bad ones
Last night Time columnist Joe Klein appeared on Lou Dobbs' CNN show. He had this to say about blogging:
Well I bow to nobody in, in my disdain for bloggers. They're all opinions and very little information.

There are now millions of Americans with blogs and we are all "all opinions and very little information." This is a rather odd statement coming from someone who earns his paycheck for providing nothing more than opinion and who get's that payckeck from a company that is one of the premier providers of information for all those ignorant bloggers.

I'm sure we can read lots of psychology into Joe's statement ("afraid of a little competition, eh?"), but for a moment, lets stick to the grossness of the generalization. The millions of Americans who dare try to express their opinions before an audience a tiny fraction of the size of his deserve only his disdain.

I can see what comes next; I remember this conversation from the sixties when discussing a certain word that begins with "N." His defenders will say that by "bloggers" he didn't mean all bloggers; he only meant the bad ones. He has nothing but respect for the good ones. He also reserves the right to determine just who the good bloggers and who the bad bloggers are. We bloggers reserve the right to determine just what part of our asses we want Klein to kiss.

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