Monday, January 30, 2006

More conservative humor
We all know the drill by now. A prominent conservative says something murderous--a major city should be bombed for not voting correctly or a liberal Supreme Court justice should be poisoned so Bush can get another appointment. Someone less insane--perhaps a member of the group targeted for fpr extermination--expresses offense at the call for murder. The conservatives work themselves into a high dither over liberals not getting their esquisite sense of humor and decry the PC censorship that won't even let them make a harmless joke.

I introduce into evidence exibit 156,253. This is from an invitation, sent out by the Republican National Committee, for a State of the Union Adress party in Bloominton, IL.
We will have a Jesse Jackson piƱata , a dunk tank where you'll get the chance to sink my wife who will be dressed as Hilary Clinton, and a special guest appearance by my uncle - Rep. Timothy V. Johnson who will be giving away "Proud to be G.O.P." American Flag windbreakers. Bring a side dish if you like. We will have burgers, hot dogs, chili, and pizza, but nothing vegetarian! This party is family friendly, so feel free to bring children. It's never too early to get them involved!

We're going to lynch a black man in effigy and then beat him with sticks! It's family friendly, so bring the kids!

I hope this turns out to be a hoax.

Update - According to the original poster at Kos, it's looking more like a haox. Rep. Johnson is supposed to be in Washington during the SOTU.

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