Monday, November 21, 2005

Fifty thousand
At 9:39 last night (west coast time) some anonymous person clicked through to archy and became my 50,000th visitor since installing the counter (archy had maybe 300 visitors before that. Now, I know that Kos gets almost that many visitors in an hour, but I'm still pretty impressed. Whoever you were, thanks for dropping by, I hope you liked what you saw and I hope you come back. Oh, and i do somethimes write about something other than what a boob I think Bill O'reilly is. Sometimes I talk about my lawn, somethimes I talk about great cockroaches in literature, and sometimes I mock powerful and influential people who aren't Bill O'Reilly.

Thanks, too, to the people who made up the 49,999 visits. When we get the next 50,000, there will be cake.

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