Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another meme
PZ at Pharyngula discovered this one. This one contributes to useful research (and a cool chart I hope). The Politburo Diktat is trying to track weblog lineages-who inspired whom to start blogging. Being a right wing blog, most of his responses are wingnuts. PZ thinks we need to up the moonbat representation.

My answesr are:
  1. Your blogfather, or blogmother, as the case may be. Just one please - the one blog that, more than any other, inspired you to start blogging. Please don't name Instapundit, unless you are on his blogchildren list. That would be David Neiwert's Orcinus.
  2. Include your blog-birth-month, the month that you started blogging, if you can. March 2003.
  3. If you are reasonably certain that you have spawned any blog-children, mention them, too. No kids, just cats. Want to see some pictures?
  4. Identify your blog as Left, Right, or Other.Left, of the bleeding-heart liberal and yellow-dog Democrat variety, although I could be convinced to vote for a yellow cat now and then.

As per PZ's advice, I'm forwarding my answers to the very long comment thread at the Commissar's site.

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