Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wow. My first deathwish
I've never really had a problem with trolls or attracked the attention of some of the more eliminationist members of Right Blogistan, but today that changed.

Tony the Pony wants me killed.
ive thought long and hard about what we could do to remedy these people who do nothing more than complain about how bad our lord and president is but have never said how they would do things differently...its so easy to criticize, especially when you're worthless.

here is my solution. since the "people" in the liberosphere dont really add anything to our country, we should send them to iraq to hug the terrorists and to talk the terrorists into leaving us alone. hopefully the terrorists will show them the same hospitality as they showed Daniel Pearl.

Of course Tony wants all of us liberals to die, but I got a specific link on the word "differently" in the first paragraph. I feel so honored. I'm right up there with the big bloggers.

Tony's upset because all we liberals do is complain, but we never offer constructive solutions, like mass deportation to certain death for those who annoy us. Now that he's shown me how to do it, I'll be much better in the future.

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