Monday, September 26, 2005

No crime too great
It has often been said that the only crime that gets someone fired from the Bush team is percieved disloyalty to the boss. No one gets fired for corruption. No one gets fired for incompitence. No one gets fired for nepotism or cronyism. No one gets fired for scandal. If there was ever any doubt in your mind that this was true, I give you this:
CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger reports that Michael Brown, who recently resigned as the head of the FEMA, has been rehired by the agency as a consultant to evaluate it's response following Hurricane Katrina.

Kos has reports on this from four different sources. There has been no formal statement from the administration. It's not actually clear whether Brownie has been re-hired as a consultant or has had his final severance delayed, but in all versions he is on the payroll as an expert in screwing up emergency responses. I suppose this explains why he wasn't immediately Roved last week. keeping him on the payroll is one way to assure that he will stay on message with the rest of the team.

Update: Testifying today (Tuesday), with full pay, Brownie said that, in his expert opinion, most of the blame for the fumbled Katrina response goes to local Democrats. However, he did manfully take some of the blame--for not noticing how bad those bad Democrats were.

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