Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why isn't this terrorism?
I'm as baffled by this as Xan is.
An Oklahoma man was taken into custody after he tried to carry a bomb on board an airplane on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, an FBI spokesman said.

Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr., 24, was detained on Wednesday morning after a security screener using an X-ray machine saw the device in his luggage as he tried to board a flight to Philadelphia at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City.

"Although the investigation is in its initial stages we have found no apparent connection to any type of terrorist activity or group," FBI spokesman Gary Johnson said.

Reuters and the AP have almost identical (probably based on the same short press release), tiny stories up. This is the Reuters version. I can't find any additional information anywhere.

A man tries to take a bomb on a plane. The authorities take him into custody and declare it's not terrorism related. Then what is it? Run of the mill extortion? Typical mass murder? We lefties joke about this (bitterly), but has it really become the case that it's not terrorism if a white Christian does it? Why aren't the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Transportation holding round the clock press conferences to congratulate themselves for their success in stopping him?

Very weird.

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