Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday random list
I wanted to participate in the Friday random lists like all of the other kids, but I still don't have an MP3 player. So I'll just set my brain on random -- oh, that seems to be the default setting -- and out pops a list of punchlines to old jokes.
  1. ...and the duck says, "at these prices you won't get many more."
  2. "What do mean 'we,' white man?"
  3. "Oh, don't do that; we need the eggs."
  4. "We can both go. The smartest man in the world just jumped out wearing my backpack."
  5. You take away his credit cards.
  6. "We had so much fun at the zoo that we thought we'd take in a movie today."
  7. "I never could teach that stupid dog to swim."
  8. "...but he's going to be a vegetable."
  9. "And that's how I ended up with a ten-inch pianist."
  10. Please!

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